At Vaya we live by the principle that variety is the spice of life, and diversity our secret ingredient. Working from locations all over the world, we are a multicultural team with a vast range of skills and backgrounds, brought together by one common purpose: to enrich your everyday life.

We design all of our innovative products with everyday users in mind. Engineered with forward- thinking technology, to keep your meal hot until lunchtime, or your drink cool until you're thirsty. Ideal for healthy lifestyles and for those on the move, you can take Vaya products wherever you go - from office cubicles to park benches, classrooms to playgrounds.

Vaya was born from our obsession with freshness: fresher food and fresh ways of thinking. Fueled by the same obsession, our dedicated R&D team engages with people who are using our products every day, listening to their needs and ensuring we exceed their expectations – like manufacturing in a state-of-the art, custom-built factory, and building 20 lunchbox prototypes over 6 months, until it’s just perfect.

Just as our products are designed to be kind to your wellbeing and wallet, they're also made to be kinder to the planet. This means being thoughtful about how our products are made, sold and ultimately reused. We handpick materials that are mindful of your health and the environment, like stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. So with every meal and every sip, you're saying no to throwaway plastics, and doing your bit for the planet.

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