Introducing the Vaya Tyffyn

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Eat Fresh. Eat Better.

3 Container Vacuum-Insulated Lunchbox

Introducing Vaya Tyffyn, a lunchbox designed to ensure that you enjoy your meal at its freshest. Made from food–grade stainless steel, Vaya Tyffyn uses vacuum insulation technology to keep your food the way you pack it, warm or cold. Welcome to the Vaya Tyffyn experience, marked by natural freshness and flavor.

From India, for the World

Inspired by the great Indian tradition of the Dabbawalas, who bike stainless steel lunch boxes from tens of thousands of homes to office-goers across the city of Mumbai, Vaya has reinvented the tiffin box to create a sleek, functional and versatile product that packs the goodness of wholesome food.

Our stainless steel lunch boxes keep food fresh and free from artificial odor while enabling a sustainable environment.

Pack Your Lunch With Innovation

Physics at Work

VacuTherm Insulation

Double-walled high vacuum insulated stainless steel shell keeps your food fresh

Warm for 5 Hours or Cold for 5 Hours*

Preserves the Temperature of Your Food*

Food-grade Stainless Steel Shell and Containers

High quality, durable and keeps food fresh with no artificial odor

Leak Resistant Lids

Positive pressure seals double-shot container lids

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

Reusable stainless steel containers and BPA free FDA approved plastic lids

* Under test conditions, refer to FAQs for more details.

Move and Dine in Style

Vaya Tyffyn comes with BagMat, an incredibly smart shoulder bag. Carry the Tyffyn in style and when it’s time to eat, unzip the BagMat to become a full table mat! Bagmat has a layer of water resistant coating that makes it easy to wipe after any spills.

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At Home

Vaya Tyffyn comes in handy as a food box at home.Preserve the taste and freshness of your food hours after cooking it.

At Work & On-The-Go

Carry fresh and inviting home-cooked food on-the-go, to your workplace or just about anywhere with Vaya Tyffyn.

We’ve Made an Impact Already


Food Looks Good in Vaya Tyffyn

Choose Your Stainless Shell Finish

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    Due to high volume of orders, Vaya Tyffyn Graphite will ship in 4 weeks.

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    Due to high volume of orders, Vaya Tyffyn Maple will ship in 4 weeks.

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    Ships in 1-2 weeks.