Preserve innovation

Storage, improved

  • Vaya’s VacuTherm Technology keeps your food hot or cold for 6 Hours*
  • High-quality Stainless Steel body. Good for keeping cooking ingredients fresh for long
  • Leak-proof Lid with integrated gaskets
  • Made with BPA-Free Materials
  • Designed for easy stackability
  • Soft-touch non-slip base

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Make kitchen organization a breeze with Preserve, the perfect storage jar for your pulses, nuts, cereals, seasonings and dry herbs. Double-walled insulation keeps your ingredients fresh as ever, so you can cook and serve a perfectly nutritious meal every single time!

Vaya Preserve


Prepare a steamy bowl of ramen, pasta or bisque and store it in Preserve. Enjoy it hot at lunchtime. Whip up a creamy custard, pudding or chocolate mousse for dinner and leave it to Preserve to keep it cold and fresh. Guacamole, dips and hummus add zing to veggies and salads, store the hearty dips in Preserve and snack healthy. Preserve’s VacuTherm Technology ensures that your dish remains hot or cold and most importantly fresh for up to a good 6 hours.


Preserve works great for takeaway meals as it keeps food hot or cold depending on the contents. Every Preserve is individually insulated, so you can carry your favorite hot and cold dishes together and enjoy them the way they are meant to be!

Preserve offers you endless flexibility. When you are in the mood for a one-pot meal like risotto, stew or spaghetti just carry one jar. On days when you want to share or indulge, carry more!

Vaya Preserve
Vaya Preserve

Stack them all

Preserve is designed to make Kitchen Organisation easy and a visual treat. Each Preserve comes with a base that is engineered for easy stackability. Simply store your ingredients in Preserve and stack them up on your counter!

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Perfect Sizes

Preserve comes in two sizes; 500 ml and 300 ml. The 500 ml Preserve is perfect for everyday meals, noodles, pastas, salads and even for storing pulses. The 300 ml works great for marmalades, dips, jams, spices, sauces, dry fruits, purees and sauces.

Vaya Preserve
Vaya Preserve
Vaya Preserve

Vaya Preserve – A Sustainable and Smart Solution for all Your Kitchen Storage Needs!

Keep all your kitchen staples organized and fresh with all new Vaya Preserve. The smart food storage containers, true to their name, preserve the freshness and flavour of your herbs, spices, nuts and seasonings.

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