A Lunchbox Full of Innovation

  • Convenient collapsible handle
  • VacuTherm Technology keeps your food hot or cold for 5-6 Hours*
  • Stainless steel slim body easily fits in your bag
  • Leak-resistant lids with integrated gaskets for easier cleaning
  • Partitions - Carry more than one dish in each container
  • Heat-protective finger grip
  • BPA-free, Tritan plastic containers that are microwaveable
  • Stainless steel pressurizing latches

*Under test conditions


Mircowaveable, BPA-free Containers

Tyffyn Flex containers are made of high-quality Tritan plastic that’s BPA-free, food safe and shatter-proof. The semi-transparent containers are microwaveable and can hold food safely at high temperatures. The containers come with lids that are leak resistant and highly durable.

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See-through, Break-proof!


See-through, Break-proof!

Tyffyn Flex containers are designed to look like glass while being shatter-proof and highly durable. The beautiful containers are a class apart and will add a touch of elegance to your dining table.

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Comes in 3 great sizes

For appetites big and small, Vaya has three convenient sizes to choose from. Tyffyn Flex 1200 is a four-container lunchbox perfect for an indulgent meal. Tyffyn Flex 1000 is a three-container lunchbox that's great for a hearty lunch while Tyffyn Flex 600 is a two-container lunchbox ideal for a light meal.

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Your Food. Your Way!


Your Food. Your Way!

Enjoy piping hot rice? Love lukewarm brownies? Mircowave your food to the temperature that works best for you. If you like your raita and kheer at room temperature, just dig in straight away! With Tyffyn Flex, your get the flexibility of enjoying your food the way you want to.

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Room for more variety

The inner containers of Tyffyn Flex come in two sizes; both equipped with handy partitions that allow you to pack more variety. Tyffyn Flex 1200 allows you to carry up to 8 dishes, while Tyffyn Flex 1000 and Tyffyn Flex 600 allow you to carry up to 6 and 4 dishes repectively.

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Pair with Vaya BentoBag


Pair with Vaya BentoBag

BentoBag is the perfect fit for Tyffyn Flex. With extra storage pouches and ample storage space, BentoBag comes with a water-proof outer and an insulated inner that adds a layer of warmth to your meal.

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Match with Vaya BagMat

A perfect marriage of sophistication and convenience, Vaya BagMat (sold separately) transforms from a sleek shoulder bag to an easy-to-clean table mat at a moment’s notice, making it an ideal match for your Tyffyn Flex.


What's Your Style and Size?


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  • Bagmat/BentoBag
  • Collection

Vaya Tyffyn Flex – The Best Lunch Box for Office, College, School and Travel

A quick meal at your work desk, an elaborate meal from a packed lunch box in your college pantry or an indulgent meal from a 4-tier tiffin box in your office cafeteria, every meal you have away from home requires a smart and efficient lunch box! Show more

When you have a lunch box with you, you can enjoy a healthy, fresh home cooked meal. That aside, you don’t have to worry about spending 10 minutes choosing the restaurant you want order in from. Every food delivery app has an overwhelming number of restaurant choices, and it can leave you confused and hungry! When you have a lunch box that is insulated and can keep your meal warm and fresh until lunch time, you don’t have to go through the trouble of standing in long cafeteria queues or driving in traffic forth and back to a near-by restaurant.

Vaya Tyffyn Flex – Insulated Lunch Box with Microwavable Containers

Vaya Tyffyn Flex is an insulated lunch box that can keep a meal hot or cold for up to 5 – 6 hours. A meal of rice, roti and sabji when packed hot in Tyffyn Flex, is going to remain fresh and warm until it is your lunch time, and you are ready to eat. Packing in some cold pasta, salad and a dessert, the insulated lunchbox is going to keep the cold meal cold for up to 5-6 hours! The lunch box also comes with glass-like plastic containers that are made of best-in-class plastic, are BPA-free and microwavable. Tyffyn Flex, with its microwave-safe containers, gives you an option to reheat your food in a microwave oven if required.

Lunch Box in 3 Sizes for Differently Sized Palates

Tyffyn Flex, like Vaya Tyffyn, comes in 3 convenient sizes – 1200 ml lunch box with 4 containers, 1000 ml lunchbox with 3 containers and 600 ml lunch box with 2 containers. The 1200 ml lunch box with 4 containers is great for an indulgent meal constituting roti, rice, dal and a sabji. The 1000 ml lunchbox is great for a sumptuous meal consisting of a roti rice and a sabji. The 600 ml tiffin box with 2 containers is perfect for a compact lunch of a rice and sabji or roti and dal.

The tiffin box containers each come with removable partitions, which means that you can choose to carry two dry sabjis or snack in one container.

Lunch Box Available in Vibrant Colors and Stunning Patterns

Tyffyn Flex comes in stunning colors and patterns. From the classy black, silver, graphite and white, to the vibrant purple, green, blue and ombre pink, the lunchboxes are available in colors that suits most preferences. Not just colors – from cheetah to floral and Mickey to bunnies, the tiffin boxes are available in patterns that you can’t get enough of!

Lunch Box with a Smart Shoulder Bag

Wouldn’t it be practical to buy a lunch bag when you buy a lunch box? Vaya BagMat is a smart lunch bag for office, travel, college and school. The zippered shoulder bag is fabricated to improve the efficiency of heat retention. Not just that, the bag unzips to a table mat when you need one. Easy to clean – all you need is a wet cloth to wipe off the stains, and easy carry your tiffin box, BagMat, available in 7 stunning colors is also perfect to up your style quotient while you carry it! Show less

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