The traditional Indian tiffin (from the colonial English name for a small mid-day meal), is a lunchbox made of stacked metal containers. For over 100 years, it has been the preferred way to carry delicious home-made meals in the region.

In its contemporary evolution, the containers are made of stainless steel, and kept at temperature in a vacuum-insulated case.

While following this traditional approach, our Vaya Tyffyn introduces significant improvements: it uses the latest technology, a clever temperature management system, and sophisticated styling, to bring the best of Indian traditions to the rest of the world.

VacuTherm™ Technology

Food stays warm or chilled longer because our trademark VacuTherm technology cleverly traps heat or cold inside the Tyffyn's vacuum-insulated, double-walled stainless steel shell.

Slim Body

Our lunchboxes are designed to be as portable as possible. The Tyffyn's oval body is approximately 30% thinner than our competitors.

Pressurizing Latches

We designed our latches to keep outer and inner containers locked together, using positive pressure to seal it all.

Integrated Gaskets

All the details matter. Our lunchboxes are easier to maintain because they use integrated gaskets that don't need to be removed during cleaning.

Finger Grip

Our stainless steel inner containers won't be too hot to handle – heat-insulated finger grips ensure they are always easy to the touch.

Collapsible Handle

For even more portability, the Tyffyn has a foldable handle that disappears inside its lid.