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The colour of all things magical and wonderful, Glossy Lilac is a shade that conveys a sense of calm and class. Works wonderfully well with contemporary decor.

Inspired by the colour of lasting energy and fiery passion, POPCUP Red with its metallic finish is designed to be a stunner.

Vaya POPCUP in cool grey is an ode to fluffy clouds and sweet doves. With a glossy finish, POPCUP in cool grey is a picture of daintiness on your desk or amongst your serveware!

Inspired by magnificent marine life, Coral Crush is a fresh and invigorating mix of pink and orange. Ever-trending, this shade when combined with a Glossy finish is pure love.

A frosty and glossy medium green with a hint of teal will take you to snowy winter lands with soft silvery flakes. Perfect for a hot cuppa coffee!

Cool Cyan is a muted yet lively greenish blue that is inspired by pool sides and blue skies. With its glossy finish, it works great with all types of decor.

Inspired by splendid sunsets, Scarlet Sun combines a brilliant red with touches of orange to create a spectacularly bold shade that is one-of-a-kind. A glossy finish adds a dash of style to this striking POPCUP.

Vaya POPCUP in subtle gold is a picture of class. Inspired by royalty, this POPCUP will occupy a coveted place in your drinkware/serveware collection.

The Yin to your Yang, POPCUP Black is an ode to beautiful black horses and star-studded nights! With a matte finish, this gorgeous POPCUP will stand out in your serveware/drinkware collection.

POPCUP Purple is inspired by soothing amethyst, the gemstone in beautiful shades of purple. With its metallic sheen, this POPCUP is a brilliant addition to your drinkware or serveware.

A melange of the deep-blue sea and the light-blue sky, Vaya POPCUP is a picture of calm on your desk or amongst your serveware. The metallic sheen adds to the beauty of POPCUP Blue!

Made in the colour of twinkling stars, POPCUP Silver is inspired by fairy lights and cool glitter. A metallic finish makes it all the more appealing to the eyes of the beholder!

  • 1 Tumblers
  • 1 Lid
  • 2 Tumblers
  • 2 Lid
  • 4 Tumblers
  • 4 Lid
  • 6 Tumblers
  • 6 Lid

Capacity: 250ml

Dimension: Height-124mm, Length-85mm & Width-81mm
152 grams With Lid
134 grams without the Lid.

Tumbler Body: Stainless steel 304
Lid: Tritan Copolyester(FDA Approved)
O-Ring: Silicone Rubber

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