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The Smart Way to Carry Lunch

No more boring dabbas to carry around. Vaya Tyffyn's BagMat is an incredibly smart and fashionable shoulder bag that allows you to carry your tiffin anywhere you go.

Vaya bagmat

BentoBag - Functional N Fantastic


BentoBag - Functional N Fantastic

Vaya's BentoBag is the perfect fit for your tyffyn, preserve and other meal boxes. With extra storage pouches and ample storage space, BentoBag comes with a water-proof outer and an insulated inner that adds a layer of warmth to your meal.

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Beyond your basic lunchbag

  • Waterproof exterior - made of polyester
  • Insulated interior - made of PEVA, an environmentally friendly, food-safe vinyl made without chlorine or plasticizers
  • Detachable dividers - make your own compartments
  • Removable cutlery pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with comfort shoulder pad
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BentoBag Mini - Cute N Compact

BentoBag Mini is a cuter version of Vaya's well-loved BentoBag. With a water-proof exterior and an insulated interior BentoBag Mini makes a great lunchbag. Light-weight and compact, BentoBag Mini is the perfect size for a shoulder bag and hand bag.

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Mini Bag. Max Style.

The BentoBag Mini range has something to offer for everyone. From the cool Grey BentoBag to the trendy Orange BentoBag, there is something for every taste. Designed to be a lunchbag, BentoBag Mini also works as a carry bag for your gadgets, purse and other essentials.

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GoBag - Pack N Go!

Vaya's range of GoBags is custom-designed for your lunchboxes and flasks. Made out of Neoprene, these super-flexible bags are dust-proof, ultra-light and come in an array of colours.

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GoBag - Preserve

Vaya GoBag for Preserve is light as a feather and made of Neoprene, a material that's super flexible. The compact Bag is easy-to-carry and can be wiped clean with a wet cloth. Vaya GoBag - Preserve is reversible giving two colour options with just one bag!

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GoBag - Drynk

Vaya GoBag for Drynk is a light weight bag made of stretchy neoprene. It fits your Drynk and other bottles snugly. It comes with a matching sling that makes it easy to carry around. Choose from a range of colours!

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GoChamp - Cute N Cool !

Vaya's GoChamp range is tailor-made for your little ones. The range includes lunchbags and bottle sleeves that are easy-to-carry and easy-to-clean. The entire range comes in bright colours and eye-catchy patterns.

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GoChamp - Preserve

The super light Vaya GoChamp Preserve makes the perfect lunch and snack bag for school. It comes in a range of fun patterns for your kid to choose from. The Bag also comes with a matching drawstring making it very easy to carry!

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GoChamp - Drynk

The cute and compact GoChamp Drynk is the perfect water bottle sleeve for your little rockstars. These easy-to-carry light-weight sleeves comes in a range of cool patterns to choose from.

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Vaya Bags

From totes to slings, crossbody to satchel, and backpacks to drawstrings, the versatility of bags has debunked the myth 'one size fits all'. Bags are one of those few accessories that can make or break your everyday style! So why stop with just one bag, when you can have one each for every mood, purpose and occasion? Show more

Vaya Bags - Fun, Functional and Fashion-forward!

Practically sized, with elegance permeating in every design, Vaya Bags serve up function and fashion, all at once. The range constitutes of four different types of bags, each designed to foster to the needs of the lifestyle you are committed to.

Each bag is different from one another in shape, size and design yet have the following features in common

  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Convenient to carry
  • Easy to clean
  • Great as a style accessory

BentoBag - For the multitasking modern women

Finding it hard to lug different bags for your lunchbox, water bottle, your planner and other accessories? Vaya BentoBag is thoughtfully designed, and comes with ample storage space for all your daily essentials. Chic and available in two elegant colors, the bag is perfect for your lunchbox, water bottle and few other essentials on weekdays, and great for your on-the-go travel essentials over the weekend.

While it works best as a stylish lunch bag to hold your lunchbox, water bottle, journal, make-up kit and other basic essentials like your phone and hand sanitizer, BentoBag can double up as a work bag as well, to fit your MacBook or camera, charger, headphones, and your phone for toting around to work,

Bento bag is as utilitarian as it is Instagram-worthy. With a top zip closure for easy access and a sleek minimalistic design, it flawlessly complements your top-to-toe ensemble!

What makes Vaya BentoBag stand out from other work-life handbags?

Detachable Dividers - If you love to organize your bag into different sections for convenient access to things inside, then you will love how Vaya BentoBag comes with detachable dividers. When you are in the mood for a quick getaway and prefer stacking, you can remove the divider, and have ample space for the essentials you will need to carry!

Insulated Interior - Perfect as a lunch bag for office, BentoBag has a layer of insulation inside to keep your meal fresh and warm. The insulated lunch bag can fit your lunchbox, water bottle and other basic essentials snugly!

Waterproof Exterior - Not just a great lunch box bag for work, it makes a great everyday bag as well. Now you don't have to tote along that laptop bag everywhere you go! Your notebook, phone charger, MacBook, camera and your make-up kit, everything you carry is protected from rain or any accidental spillage with a waterproof exterior!

Removable Cutlery Pouch - It comes with a handy cutlery pouch for days when you need to carry a fork and spoon set in your tiffin carrier bag.

Shoulder strap with Comfortable Shoulder Pad - An adjustable shoulder strap so you can use it as a cross body bag!

Available in Fresh Elegant Colors - Blue and Purple are the classiest of colors, and BentoBag is available in both these colors. A fun day with friends, a meeting at work or a quick day trip with the family, use this comfortable hand bag. It sure makes a refreshing alternative to your ladies handbag.

The most sought-after brands like Caprese, Lavie, Michael Kors and WildCraft have proved time and again how much women love variety when it comes to their bags. I have enough bags, said no woman ever, and for this reason, go for Vaya BentoBag this season!


Vaya GoBag collection delivers two different types of bags, one for your compact lunchboxes, and another for your water bottles. And it's time to get rid of those bulky lunchbags, and the plastic bags that have been in rotation for months now! Made of neoprene, the GoBag is feather light, flexible and dust proof. Available in elegant colors, the bags are not just office appropriate, but perfect to be carried around on your other adventure trips as well.

GoBag - Preserve

Your lunchbox bag deserves as much attention as your laptop bag and hand bag. Preserve GoBag is a lunch bag designed to snugly fit a set of Vaya Preserve jars - one 300ml and one 500 ml or two 300 ml jars.

Made of neoprene, GoBag is flexible and feather light. Easy to clean and dust-proof, the bag is comfortable to be carried around in your hand, and fits in your backpack as well. Available in 3 elegant colors, the bags are also reversible so you get to carry two different colored bags when you buy just one.

GoBag - Drynk

A modern spin on your water bottle bag, GoBag from Vaya is perfect for your Vaya Drynk. Light and dust-proof, it makes a great water bottle bag for hikers, gym-and-fitness enthusiasts and all other folks who have the habit of lugging along their bottles while on the go!

Made of flexible neoprene, the sling bag comes with a comfortable strap so you can use it as a cross body bag as well. Now, you have more reasons to say no to those plastic bags, that you've probably been using to carry your water bottles.

GoChamp - A Bag for Your Lil' Champs

When it comes to kids, even the basics have to be brilliant! Made of neoprene, Vaya GoChamp is lightweight and stretchable. Not just dust proof, it is also easier to clean.

GoChamp Preserve - Lunchbags for Kids

Available in fun prints and pretty colors, the lunch bags come with drawstring so it's easier to carry. GoChamp is perfect to carry a Vaya Preserve, either a 300 ml or 500 ml. Not just for cuddling, now your kids can enjoy a hot meal with their Panda, Lion or Bunny printed lunch bags for kids.

GoChamp Drynk - Bottle Sleeves for Kids

Cute, compact and easy-to-carry, GoChamp water bottle sleeves from Vaya are great to carry bottles and sippers. Light-weight and easy to clean, this neoprene water bottle sleeve comes in vibrant colors and fun patterns. The flexible water bottle sleeve can snugly fit in a 350 ml Vaya Drynk.

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Bags matter not just because you carry all your valuables in them, also because how comfortable they make every journey of yours. Explore the Bags section of to check out bags that are casual, comfortable and classy.

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